Long Island Early Fliers Education Foundation is a non-profit organization Chartered by the New York State Education Department. Originally founded in 1956 as the Long Island Early Fliers Club, and chartered by New York State in 1958. Our roster has included many notable names in aviation history, including Charles Lindbergh, Elinor Smith, Paul Rizzo, Clarence Chamberlin, Viola Gentry, Al Williams, Juan Trippe, Giuseppi Bellanca, and Col. Francis Gabreski. In addition to these renowned individuals, companies such as Sikorsky, Grumman, and Pan Am have been valuable allies to our cause.

The New York State Board of Regents approved our name change in 2019, as it more accurately reflects the actual intent and purpose of what the organization has always been. We are dedicated to aviation education and preserving Long Island’s aviation heritage. Volunteers who want to help educate the public and preserve our history are always welcome. Annual Membership in our organization is $35.00 for individuals; $50.00 for families.

Donations of aviation memorabilia, aircraft and aircraft parts, aviation clothing, display quality models and items of historic significance are always welcome and greatly appreciated. Cash donations, as well as artifact donations are tax deductible. You may visit our facility at Bayport Aerodrome, Vitamin Drive, Bayport New York most Wednesdays between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Appointments are necessary as airports are secure locations and can also be arranged at other times for your convenience. Contact us at: L.I.E.F.E.F., P.O. Box 43, Holbrook, NY, 11741 or call 631-523-5407 (Fred Coste) or fax: 631-588-2147

parachute display

The formation of our club was the origin of the Cradle of Aviation Museum as we know it today. In addition to $250,000 of funding, the Long Island Early Fliers have been proud to donate many restored artifacts to the Museum, including a Bleriot airplane, two OX-5 engines, a J-5-9 engine, the fuselage of a Curtiss JN-4 airplane with an OX-5 engine, and the Curtiss JN-4 which belonged to Charles Lindbergh during his Barn-storming, mail-carrying days.

We have continued the collection of many items of interest and are now hard at work developing our own museum in the Town of Islip at Bayport Aerodrome.