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Newsletter Issue General Topic
2022 March/April Life of Bert Acosta
2022 January/February Happy New Year!


Newsletter Issue General Topic
2021 November/December Women Airforce Service Pilots of WW II
2021 September/October Memories of 9/11
2021 July/August From a Northeast Airlines DC-3, to an American Airlines Boeing 727
2021 May/June A story about a legend in flight training: Tom Murphy
2021 March/April The Woolly Mammoth and the Avro Lancaster
2021 January/February Welcome to 2021!


Newsletter Issue General Topic
2020 July/August Return to the ISS - SpaceX
2020 May/June COVID-19 and the Bhutan Rescue – Phoenix Air
2020 March/April U.S. Space Force
2020 January/February Boeing 737 Max


Newsletter Issue General Topic
2019 November/December Lifting Bodies
2019 September/October Odd Aviation Stories
2019 July/August NC-4 Ocean Crossing
2019 May/June Moon Landing
2019 March/April Earl Ovington – First US Mail Pilot
2019 January/February Clyde Pangborn, Wrong Way Corrigan, James Doolittle


Newsletter Issue General Topic
2018 November/December General Aviation Rescue Missions - Phoenix Air
2018 September/October Consumer Products in Aviation & Space
2018 July/August Flying Tigers
2018 May/June Hubble Space Telescope
2018 March/April PBY Catalina WWII Story
2018 January/February Long Range Bombers: B-36 & B-52


Newsletter Issue General Topic
2017 Memorial Day Special Remembering Michael Murphy
2017 November/December B-17 Stories
2017 September/October A-10 Warthog & Pilot Killer Chick Campbell
2017 July/August Enola Gay
2017 May/June Visit to Washington D.C.
2017 March/April Aerial Refueling
2017 January/February Bayport Aerodrome/ LIEF Aeronca L-3


Newsletter Issue General Topic
2016 Memorial Day Special Remembering D- Day
2016 November/December Early Consumer Aircraft Development
2016 September/October Skonk Works Spy Planes
2016 July/August Landing on the Moon
2016 May/June Piloting the T-6 Texan
2016 March/April Berlin Airlift / Candy Bomber
2016 January/February P-51 Mustang


Newsletter Issue General Topic
2015 November/December A Background in Flying