LI Early Fliers Education Foundation Membership

Long Island Early Fliers Education Foundation

Having you as a member is important to us! Membership dues is our primary source of income. We have no employees. All that we have, all that we do, comes from our hard working volunteers and the overhead of maintaining our hangar is paid for by the dues our members contribute each year.

Donations of aviation artifacts and memorabilia are also important and tax deductible. We have even had donations of flying aircraft…as well as those that should no longer be flown. Many items have had historical significance and have become part of our displays for the public; others are sold or traded with other museums to either expand our collection or to help us make ends meet. It’s all important to us. Please consider the Long Island Early Fliers Education Foundation as a recipient of your generosity.

*Dues are not prorated. Dues year runs from January 1 through December 31.